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The Hummerbar® is one of the more recent additions to the Biologytrainingaid® family of products, but it’s already revolutionizing the way people feed hummingbirds.


This unique feeder was invented by a father and son team, Bob and Steven, who were faced with a problem many hummingbird lovers experience: too much competition at feeders. Bob started to notice that there were always hummingbirds waiting to take their turn at his many feeders, no matter how many feeders he added to his yard. It became too difficult to keep up with the demand of cleaning and filling the many feeders, so Bob knew he needed to come up with a solution

Bob and his son, Steven, began developing a single feeder that could feed all of the hummingbird visitors at once to prevent competition and simplify maintenance. After some trial and error, the Hummerbar® was born.

After a lot of interest from friends and neighbors, as well as many happy hummingbirds, Bob decided to obtain a patent and find a partner to bring his feeder to the market. Bob and Steven came to Biologytrainingaid® with their design and soon reached a deal. Finally, after all of their hard work, the Hummerbar® officially debuted in Spring of 2021 and it’s been wowing hummingbird lovers ever since.

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We offer two variations of this revolutionary feeder: the 16inch Hummerbar® and the 20inch Hummerbar®. The only major differences between the two versions of the Hummerbar® are the overall length, and therefore, the number of feeding ports. The 16inch version has 22 ports, while the 20inch version has 44 ports.

1. The 16inch Hummerbar®:

2 ft hummerbar

2. The 20inch Hummerbar®:

4 ft hummerbar


The Hummerbar® is a revolutionary feeder that has been making headlines ever since it hit the market. But what exactly makes it so special? Here’s a quick look at a few of the most notable benefits of using a horizontal hummingbird feeder.

hummingbird feeding at hummerbar

Clear Nectar Reservoir for Easy Monitoring of Nectar Levels

The reason for the clear reservoir is simple: it helps users to monitor nectar levels at a glance without actually having to open the feeder. However, this also has a benefit that was unintentional, which is that it provides a better view of the feeding action. The clear tubular design magnifies the action of the hummingbird's tongue while it feeds. Their tongues dart out between 20 and 80 times per second, and this feeder allows you to enjoy the action like never before!

Plenty of Feeding Ports to Attract More Hummers At Once

Hummingbirds can be very competitive and territorial birds. To eliminate unwanted competition, the Hummerbar® features plenty of feeding ports, 22 ports on the 16inch and 44 ports on the 20inch. The large number of ports makes it nearly impossible for a single hummingbird to defend the entire feeder. Additionally, the feeding ports are evenly spaced to allow multiple hummingbirds to feed side-by-side without interruption. This will ultimately attract more hummingbirds to your yard!

flower feeding port

Offers a Natural Feeding Experience for Hummers

The Hummerbar® is designed to simulate the angles and depth of the nectar flowers the little birds love so much. By mimicking these features, hummingbirds have optimal access to nectar so they can reach the bottom of the Hummerbar® tube with their long tongues.

Provides a 360-degree View for Hummingbirds

One of the most notable benefits of the Hummerbar® is the horizontal orientation. This design provides hummingbirds with a 360-degree view of their environment while they feed. This aligns with their natural instinct to check for danger. With traditional vertical feeders, their view is impeded and hummingbirds need to check for danger more frequently. This horizontal style prevents them from having to stop feeding to make sure they are safe.

Easy to Fill and Clean

To allow for easy filling, this feeder comes complete with a mini funnel. You don’t even need to take down the feeder to refill it! Once the feeder is hung and leveled, simply remove the rubber stopper and insert the funnel to fill. In addition, the smooth plastic is easy to clean so that your hummers always have access to a fresh and healthy nectar supply.